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Ruby Developer

Lagos, Lagos · Telecommunications
Role Description:
This position is a Ruby application developer with Ruby on Rails experience.  The employee has a passion for clean, well-tested code and a desire to learn and try new technologies. Our current technology stack includes:
  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. CoffeeScript
  3. EmberJS
  4. Resque
  5. PostgreSQL
  6. MongoDB
  7. Redis
  8. ElasticSearch
  9. AWS

Experience requirements:
The employee has experience with a range of technologies from CSS and HTML to database design.  For example, you do not need to be a JavaScript or PostgreSQL expert but you should be comfortable with jQuery and know the principals of good database design.
  1. Software Engineer having experience in these areas and toolsets:
  2. 2 - 5 years + professional experience with Object Oriented languages
  3. 2+ year(s) professional experience with Ruby/RoR
  4. Experience with Git version control
  5. You have some open-source code on GitHub for us to look at. 
  6. A passion for TDD principles.
  7. Experience with JavaScript MVC frameworks (preferably Ember.js)
  8. Candidate should have experience in software development practices and should have excellent programming skills.
  9. He/She should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and be energized by performing in a team environment.

Educational Qualifications Desired:
  1. Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering or information sciences with experience of 2+ years in the areas outlined above

Competencies and Experience Desired:
  1. Strong business and technical knowledge. Must be able to initiate and handle projects (along with team lead). Must be able to clearly communicate the results to non-technical audiences. Strong team player, excellent communication skills across all levels within and outside the organization.

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