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Relationship Officer

Lagos, Lagos · Information Technology
Relationship Officer
To accomplish the goal of building customer satisfaction and loyalty
Understand Customer Concerns
By asking questions, listening carefully and showing empathy, aim to get to the heart of what customers truly want. Deal with specific questions over the phone, by email or in person. At establishments with a sales floor, Spend time simply interacting with people to get a better feel for the company’s customer base and how employees are serving them.
Communicate within the Company
Act as a liaison between customer service and other departments, especially sales. Bring a specific complaint from a customer to the attention of someone who can resolve the situation pass along general feedback they are hearing from customers in order to help build a better product or develop a new service.
Investigate Problems
Responsible with figuring out what went wrong, how problems might be fixed and how to keep them from happening again.
Train Staff
Using both knowledge of the company and of customer service best practices, educate others hired to respond to customer complaints.
Public Relations
Build connections on behalf of the company. They may call existing clients to ensure their satisfaction, network within the community to identify prospective customers and contribute to the organization’s marketing campaigns.
Monitor Competitors
Examining what others in the industry are doing.
Field such as marketing, journalism, communications or business. They typically have previous experience in customer service before advancing to this leadership position.
Required skills
  • Attending to detail to ensure nothing slips through the cracks
  • Analyzing problems in order to come up with resolutions
  • Caring about customers, whose happiness can make or break a company
  • Following through so customers know their concerns are taken seriously
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